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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fluff Mom Monday

Tell us about yourself! What is your name? How many little ones do you have? How long have you used cloth diapers?

My name is Heather Boger. I have a 17 month old daughter. I own, an organic baby boutique.

What made you decide to use cloth diapers?

The disposable diaper statistics! How many tons of garbage are created with each baby in disposables??

What was the first cloth diaper you bought?

The first cloth diaper I ever bought is not sold at Green Baby Green Mama because it didn’t live up to my standards for durability!

Tell us about your cloth diaper stash (numbers, sizes, types, brands, etc.):

My diaper stash includes Drybees, Fuzzibunz, and Thirsties.

What is your favorite cloth diaper? Why?

My favorites depend on what I’m doing. At home I like fitteds, overnight I like pockets, and on outings I use all in ones.

Tell us about your wash routine

Cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse. So easy.

Have your friends and family been supportive of your decision to use cloth?

Not at first! But my once skeptical Mother can’t stop raving about cloth diapers now!

Any challenges with using cloth diapers? What did you do about it?

At first I didn’t realize that you need to give them a really thorough clean once a month. To do this I just run a cold rinse, then a hot wash with detergent, then repeat hot washes with no detergent until you see no bubbles. It’s easier than it sounds!

Your best piece of advice for someone new to cloth diapering

The more diapers you have, the easier it is to cloth diaper!

Your favorite scripture, quote, or anything else that you'd like to add:

Stick to it! It’s so rewarding to know that you are doing something so beneficial for your child and the environment.



Heather @ Green Baby Green Mama said...

Thanks for letting me be the Fluff Mom!