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Monday, January 4, 2010

Fluff Mom Monday

Tell us about yourself! What is your name? How many little ones do you have? How long have you used cloth diapers?

Hey! I'm Margaret, a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, SAHMama to a little 5 month old AppleBlossom and married to a fabulous Enginerd. We have been using cloth diapers since we came home from the hospital at birth and then got out of the bilibed. You can find me over at my

Creative Madness that Makes me Myself where I share my latest quilting activity and reviews of books, baby products (including cloth diapers), and anything else that finds my fancy.

What made you decide to use cloth diapers?

My sister is a homeschooling, navy wife, SAHM to five and she cloth diapers and so when I was expecting my AppleBlossom it was not even a second thought that when I decided to CD.

What was the first cloth diaper you bought?

The first cloth diapers that I acquired was the infant sized Bummis Organic Cloth Diaper kit that includes Bummis Organic prefolds, a few covers, fleece liners, a wet bag, and flushable liners.

Tell us about your cloth diaper stash (numbers, sizes, types, brands, etc.):

After the Bummis kit, I got some Kissluvs fitted diapers (and this combination still seems to be my favorite). Then I was onto BumGenius Organic OS AIOs because they were such a great sale in getting rid of the velcro ones over the snaps. And then... more and more. To this day, my stash consists of 6 tiny g's (prototype gDiapers), 6 small gDiapers in one each of got chocolate brown, golly molly pink, gEarth, grasshopper green, go fish blue, ga ga pink, and 2 orange, 2 vanilla, and 12 gLiners - we use these with the gInserts that we toss although I would love to try the gCloth some day. Then also I have: One Bambino Mio nappy and cover in newborn dots, small white and medium dots, a single Bamboo Baby AIO OS with velcro in sage, 2 Blossom Pink and 3 Twilight Blue bG AIO OS with velcro, two total Imse Vimse AIO with snaps in small and medium, a FuzziBunz pocket OS in butter yellow, 3 FuzziBunz pocket small in sage, pink, lavender. Then... 6 white small Bummis Super Snap covers borrowed from my sister, and in small a green super brite, a white super brite, a froggy pond Super Whisper Wrap, Celery SWW, two white SWW, Flower SWW in small and medium, and then just recently a Medium Super Stars in Yellow and Sage. In fitted diapers I have a Mother-Ease Sandy's side snap in small, a Kissa's organic NB size fitted, 6 natural colored size one (older) Kissaluvs and a new berry purple V2 (from Lastly I also have a Kushies ultra AIO sized Infant. We are still using the small size on my itty bitty. Yet I have dreams of what I want to acquire for my medium stash consisting of more Kissaluvs in size one (as soon as the purse can afford it!) Bummis covers and we'll see what else seems to be my cup of tea.

What is your favorite cloth diaper? Why?

My favorite is the Kissaluvs fitted diapers with Bummis covers although I do like the Bummis prefolds as well. AppleBlossom is a heavy wetter and she seems to be the happiest in her Kissaluvs. We use them for naps and nighttime, nothing else would work during the night with her quantity. She is an interesting wetter and holds it and goes all at once in a large volume. This we assume will come in handy when we get to potty training. I do love the Bummis prefolds, they fit perfectly in the covers and they are ever so soft. I do plan on getting a good few for our medium stash as well. We've never had a problem with leakage of fluid or otherwise with either diapering format.

Tell us about your wash routine.

For washing, it's prewash cold with Charlie's Soap if they're really dirty, just water if not, then wash cold with CS, wash warm or hot depending on the load, and into the dryer twice. We've also started using OxyClean with Vinegar to work on ammonia buildup, but that's still an experiment in progress.

Have your friends and family been supportive of your decision to use cloth?

As with my sister being in cloth diaper routines it was nothing new to my family. DH was all on board with both the idea of savings with cloth as well as avoiding the chemical exposures with sposies. Other individuals are give and take. One thing that we often get from various people are questions on where and how to get started, I'm always more than willing to let people know on how to start their cloth diaper addiction.

Any challenges with using cloth diapers? What did you do about it?

I really have not come across any challenges in my effort of using cloth with my baby. It just makes more sense and works out that way. We're lucky.

Your best piece of advice for someone new to cloth diapering:

My best advice for someone new to cloth diapers is to try out a sample of various types of diapers before investing in a stash. No matter what you buy it will be money well spent and you'll still have savings over what you would have spent on sposies. But, if you get the ones you really want, you'll be so much happier in the long run than with some types that you only kinda like. For example a fabulous store Diaper Junction has a 30 day trial of all sorts of types available and I highly recommend it. I did not know about it in time to do it, but because of my sister's experience I had a pretty good idea as to what I would want.

Your favorite scripture, quote, or anything else that you'd like to add:

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." - C.S. Lewis



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