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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sposie Confusion

My son was in the church nursery several times this week thanks to various events like MOPS and Mom's Luncheons. We usually send the boy in a disposable diaper in order to make things easier on the nursery workers. This past Thursday, however, I had a book club meeting in the morning, and completely forgot to take him out of his cloth diaper before dropping him off. When I returned, they had placed his wet diaper in a plastic bag even though I had a wetbag in the diaper bag. The nursery worker (not his usual nursery worker) commented that she had never seen anything like his diaper before (he was wearing a bumGenius). She said she didn't know what to do with it. To add their confusion, I also had a GroBaby biosoaker in the diaper bag. Imagine their surprise when they realized that the soaker did not have tabs and that the pad had to be attached to something else. Luckily I also had a regular disposable diaper in his bag that they eventually found.

When I got home, I related this story to my husband, and when we went to put more sposies in his diaper bag, we realized that we were out (another benefit of never run out!). I sent him off to the store to pick up a pack. Unfortunately, we have no idea what size he wears in sposies! The last pack we bought a couple of months ago was a Pampers 1-2. I told him that we would probably need to size up, but to check the weight ranges. Well he came home with Size 3 diapers, since the boy is almost 15 lbs and the size 3's start at 16 lbs. Needless to say, the diapers are HUGE on him!! Who knew buying sposies would be so difficult?

Luckily, we dropped him off on Sunday evening with his usual nursery workers. This time, however, I told them that he was in a cloth diaper, and that I had a wetbag for used diapers. The best part is that they were completely fine with his cloth diapers! This is a huge praise, as hopefully we won't have to buy anymore disposables!



Denise said...

I bought sposies to use in the church nursery at first too, but after taking her in a pocket diaper several times & showing the staff how it worked they were more than happy to use cloth for her.

I think I've actually converted a few people from them seeing my daughters cloth diapers in the church nursery.

I always make sure there is a sposie in the bottom of her diaper bag, just in case, but I haven't actually bought a package of sposies since at least last might have been September.