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Friday, March 12, 2010


I feel like I've been neglecting my blog lately.

I always have an abundance of topics to write about, but when I actually get a chance to sit down for a minute and blog (usually after bedtime), it seems like all of the topics slip away. Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I alone on this one? Surely I'm not the only mama who's brain goes to mush after bedtime. I usually tend to spend my evenings watching tv with the hubby, browsing forums/facebook, or reading a book. I always have good intentions to blog, but I'm just mentally spent most nights. I would love to change that, and bring everyone posts besides just product reviews (although I have to admit that those posts are my favorite!). For some time, I've maintained two separate blogs. This one where I mainly write about cloth diapers and other AP and environmentally friendly topics, and a separate (private) blog where I write about my son. I've been contemplating combining the two, which would make it alot easier on me as far as updating goes. I've also had a few topics on my mind that I've been hesitant to share. This blog is a great outlet for me, and I'm slowly becoming more confident in my choices as a mom. It's hard in the beginning when you feel like you're the only one around you who cloth diapers, breastfeeds, co-sleeps (although he's in his crib now, we did co-sleep for several months and still do when needed), doesn't CIO, etc. I'm also continuing my quest to be more eco-friendly, and of course, I also hope to continue to bring great product reviews (be on the lookout for some this upcoming week!).



Ida Mae said...

Lately I have been keeping a list of blog ideas on my iphone when I think of them throughout the day. It's helped a lot!

~Ida Mae

Pleasant Drive said...

Ida Mae had a wonderful idea! I, too, often think of things throughout the day that would make great blog topics, but then I lose them by the end of the day. Jill, you are quietly bold, and I LOVE that. You don't impose your ideas or mindsets on anyone, but you have very firm ideas and mindsets. I love your quest to parent with purpose!