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Monday, March 15, 2010

Fluff Mom Monday

Tell us about yourself! What is your name? How many little ones do you have?
I'm Katie and Austin is my little fluffy butt. You can learn more about us at

How long have you used cloth diapers?
We've been using cloth diapers for about 2 months! Currently Austin is 3 months old. He was born 6 weeks early at 4 pounds. Once he hit a little over 7 pounds, he started wearing his Bumgenius Onesizes!

What made you decide to use cloth diapers?
A friend of mine mentioned them for her daughter with sensitive skin. I don't think she stuck to it, but she had planted a seed in my head. When I barely pregnant I started researching! I couldn't believe how much money I would be saving. That was the biggest thing to me. $200 and diapered from birth to potty training?! Then when Austin was still too little to fit in them he started getting awful rashes and blisters. This made me buy some prefolds and covers and get OUT of those nasty disposables.

What was your first cloth diaper purchase?
My first purchase was 12 Bumgenius 3.0s!

Tell us about your stash.
Currently I have Bumgenius, Goodmamas, BananaBottoms, Flips, Econobum, BambinoMio, MonkeySnuggles, and I'm always adding and trading! Most of those are Onesize!

What is your favorite cloth diaper/diapering system? Why?
My favorite diapers are my Bumgenius. It's what I have the most of and what I know the best. With the fitteds I have to use a cover and Austin is still pretty little, so a diaper PLUS cover is a bit bulky still. I haven't gotten a chance to try my Flips yet, but I want to love them so much! We just got an AppleCheeks, and is now our absolute FAVORITE!
Tell us about your wash routine.
I do a rinse cycle and then a hot wash cycle with Grape Soda Rockin Green! To strip my diapers I just wash the inserts like 5 times in hot hot water. I did this for the first time this week and it seemed to work. We will see ;)

Have your friends and family been supportive of your decision to use cloth?
I told my husband I wanted to cloth diaper the baby. He said "ok". That was that. He's great and has never had a problem changing them. My mom was skeptical and scared I was going to make a big purchase and then not use them. But once she saw my major commitment to pumping and then breastfeeding she finally got on board with the cloth diapers. Everyone else thinks I am crazy. They all say "wait till he has formula poops" (umm, won't happen) or "wait till he starts eating solids!" It makes me want to make it work even more! So thanks y'all ;)

Any challenges you've run into with using cloth diapers? What did you do about it?
My baby is currently short and fat. His legs are so short so the diapers are really bulky and I hate that he can't really sit in them. I heard that the pear shape evens out around 6 months (which may be 7-8 for my preemie), so I'm just looking forward to that. Sometimes we have leaks but it is usually operator error. Any problem I have come across I've had help with or figured out on my own.

Your best piece of advice for someone new to cloth diapering.
Ask for help! It's so incredibly
overwhelming when you first start to research. I used to start researching and quit, go back,
quit, go back... I didn't make my purchases until AFTER Austin was born because I just DIDN'T KNOW! I had tons of help on Twitter (@graciekate) and I learned a lot and finally decided. Now that I have my
basis go-to diapers I like to try others here and there. DiaperSwappers is my BFF



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