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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stash Pictures

Here are a few pictures of my (very small) cloth diaper stash. Someone please tell my husband that I NEED more diapers.

Left row (top to bottom): Turquoise Urban Fluff AIO, Lime Urban Fluff AIO, Butternut bumGenius Organic AIO, Grasshopper bumGenius Organic AIO, Blueberry Minky Pocket in Cow Print, 4 ATD AIOs (I have 4 more of these but that's what he's been in since getting home from church)
Right Side Top (L to R): Turquoise Knickernappie One Size, Blackberry and Kiwi GroBabies
Right Side Bottom: Moonbeam and Ribbit bumGenius 3.0 One Size Pockets

Inserts, Doublers, Wetbag, Snappi, Pins, GroBaby Disposable Bio Soakers

Prefolds, Burp Cloths, Hanging Pail, Preflats, Covers, and Liners



Lillian said...

I love it - it looks perfect! I LOVE stash pics:)

Cassidy said...

where did you get the grobaby disposable soakers? I didn't think they were coming out until later this month?

By the way... LOVE THE STASH!
I'm sooo addicted to looking at them.. and mine! hehe!