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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cloth Diaper Carnival

Dirty Diaper Laundry is hosting a blog carnival dedicated to your diaper washing routine. I made a short video of how I wash. Here is the basic rundown:
- I try to keep everything simple so that I don't get overwhelmed with lots of additives and extra rinses.
- I try to wash every day or every day and a half (I need more diapers!) depending on how many diapers my son goes through.
- Dirty diapers are stored in a hanging wetbag (or a canvas drawstring bag like the one in the video). I try to remember to remove inserts, fold laundry tabs, etc before putting them in the bag. If my son was on solids, I would remove any solid matter before putting the diaper in the bag.
- On wash day, I take the bag to my laundry room, start a COLD rinse cycle, add all the diapers and the bag, and let it go. This cycle removes all organic matter left in the diaper (breastfeed poo is water soluble so it goes in as is) and liquids from the diapers.
- After the cold rinse, I do a HOT cycle with half of the recommended detergent. This cycle includes one cold rinse.
- Diapers get an additional rinse (or two) depending on if there are any soap bubbles during the agitation phase.
- Most days the diapers get hung to dry. The sun is awesome for removing stains! On rainy days (like today), the diapers are dried on the low setting in the dryer with dryer balls (no dryer sheets!!)

How to Wash Cloth Diapers Video: This is my first video, so go easy on me. I have a tiny laundry room, and it was difficult to fit everything in, so ignore the fact that my head is cut off most of the time. And also forgive my strong Texas accent :)

(What it looks like when the diapers are hung out on the line)

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Melissa said...

Your back yard looks like mine! Because of the lack of rain, the grass is brown. You don't happen to live in Texas do you??
I love hanging my diapers outside. said...

Oh SNAP she just said your yard is brown heh. Just kidding :)

I love diapers on a line!

I posted the MckLinky code so when you get a chance add that to your post :)


Family of the Cloth said...

Melissa, LOL, yes, I do live in TX! I refuse to water my backyard. What's the point? :)

Kim, thanks, I'll post it tomorrow (with the video if it ever uploads)

Annie said...

Love the clothesline! I just put one up today and couldn't be happier!

Doing a video is a good idea :)

Anonymous said...

Love the clothesline. What kind do you use? I want to put one of my little deck out back, but don't want anything that needs heavy duty installation. Looking forward to seeing your fluff fun in September :-)

Alexia said...

Loved the video! You really know your stuff.. ROFL laughing at your son's "matter" that washes clean... don't think I've ever heard anyone call POOP that before. (hehe I just said POOP on your blog!)

Family of the Cloth said...

LOL, Lexi! Right after I said that, I wanted to redo it. Oh well! LOL!