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Friday, June 5, 2009

Review - All Together Diaper Company's All-in-Ones

When I was still pregnant, I stumbled upon a really good deal on these all-in-one diapers from the All Together Diaper Company.  A diaper service company put a large amount of their retired diapers online.  These diapers were from a batch that had been prepped (i.e. been made ready to use), but had never gone into their rotation (so never used).  They were only $5/a piece, so I bought eight of them, thinking that if they weren't any good, that I hadn't wasted much.  The diaper is made of 100% cotton birdseye weave, and has a built-in waterproof outer of coated polyester.  The diaper fastens with snap tape.

I really love how absorbent this diaper is.  It is great for everyday use.  And while it's definitely not cute, it gets the job done.  And for the price, I don't mind sacrificing cute designs and colors.  For extra absorbency, I sometime add in a liner from  While the diaper certainly works without the liner, it's nice to have the additional layers so that the diaper lasts longer between changes.  I find that the snap tape took some getting used to, and it's definitely not as easy to use as the diapers with Aplix or snaps.  It is also difficult to get a great fit.  I often have to adjust the diaper several times, as my son still has fairly skinny legs, so I'm often left with a little gaping at the leg openings.  The good news is that I have yet to have a leak with these diapers, even with the wonky fit at the leg.  My son doesn't enjoy having wetness against his skin, so I do wish that it came with a microfiber or stay dry liner.  But for the price, I can easily add my own.  Another drawback to this diaper is the long drying time.  When they get dried in the dryer, it takes a full cycle and part of an additional cycle.  I often try to hang these out to dry, and that seems to work better.  After I take them off the line, I just throw them in the drier for a few minutes to finish drying and to fluff them up a bit.

A picture of the inside of the diaper, with a liner:

Here are a few pictures of my son modeling the ATD AIO:

A picture that shows the gaping at the leg:

The diaper has since been redesigned and is now known as the Osocozy.  The new version is made from cotton gauze (the same material as prefolds) and the snap tape has been replaced by Aplix.  The newer version also has Poly Urathane Laminate (PUL) on the outside instead of the coated polyester.  One thing that hasn't changed much, is the price.  The diaper is still very affordable.  The smalls begin at $12.25/each.  They are also supposed to be releasing the diaper in colors later this fall.  I will definitely be trying the Osocozy when my son grows out of the smalls ATD's.  


sodomb said...

Hey, I use the Osocozy prototypes, they are very hard to beat, I imagine that the final version is very good as well.
Good luck to you, and thanks for writing this down. :)